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As part of Leeds Trinity University’s masterplan to prepare for increased student numbers, we were appointed to design and deliver a student accommodation building to cater for 228 students.

Our design solution is in a form which encloses a communal green private amenity space at the heart of the campus.

Leeds Trinity University Estates Strategy for the future is to sustain the character of the Campus whilst improving its overall appearance, access, travel and movement arrangements. There are already signs of a new wave of optimism in the high standard of design of the Andrew Kean Learning Resource Centre, also designed by Jefferson Sheard, using simple planes and a small, quality pallet of materials to bring a new language in design to enhance the existing campus.

“A highly professional, proactive, responsive, efficient and effective service offering a diverse range of expertise and disciplines.”

Colin Parkin, Estates and Facilities Management Consultant, Leeds Trinity University


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Through the design process, careful account has been taken of the new building in its setting from within the site and long distance views across the valley. The massing of the building mimics that of the existing accommodation; introducing steps in the roof level to help break-up the scale and create an interesting building line set against the sky. The taller part of the building helps orientate users by creating a feature envelope in curtain walling demarcating the main entrance.

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The new residential building follows this architectural language of simple folded planes regular window openings and the overhanging flat roof elements above an articulated roofscape. Angled folds in the brick panels give a distinctive window feature permitting dramatic views from the living spaces whilst the large geometric window areas give texture and patterning to the overall unassuming appearance.

Deep recessed windows bring a rich texture of quality to the façade, whilst the light coloured brick gives continuity with the existing buildings on the campus.

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A generous degree of the ground floor has been given to a light and engaging communal space, giving students room to socialise and relax, whilst also providing informal study space.

The continuation of a pedestrian boulevard with seating and planting, and the formation of a new courtyard space benefit the external public realm spaces, linking into soft landscape area and joining with other areas of the Campus to form Green Corridor routes.

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