Written by Phillip Pollington Board Director

One of our longest standing clients, East Riding College, had a vision to create a cohesive and bold new campus within the heart of historic Beverley. The new build needed to support a work-place learning curricula and an evolving pedagogy – flexibility was central to the College’s needs.

We stepped up to the challenge and created a building which is a physical manifestation of the College’s community offer and inclusive ethos – a centre of learning and opportunity in the heart of Beverley. We worked carefully to ensure a considerate design which would not overbear its historic context but which would stand out as one of the major new elements of the £120m Flemingate Development.


  • Further Education


East Riding College


Beverley, UK


We took a collaborative approach, working alongside the College and local community in the development of a concept which serves both students, staff and members of the community. The concept of the new building concentrates on the historic Beverley Minster and an inspirational focal point. Our approach has been to emphasise the visual impact of the building with emphasis placed upon close-up views and the principal entrance alongside the important long range views and relationship. We wanted the building to be flexible and adaptable to meet the ever changing needs of the Further Education curriculum and technological advances.

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Beverley Campus walk-through


It was important that the design and layout of the building would be carefully considered at planning stages, respecting height limitations due to its close proximity to Beverley Minster. The mass of the building steps up in height away from the residential buildings situated on the eastern edge of the site and the fourth floor steps in so as to not fill the whole floor plate and give the effect of a reduced height building. The materials have been carefully chosen to blend in with the surrounding context– predominantly brickwork with aluminium windows and curtain walling, with modern materials such as limestone and aluminium rainscreen.

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“It’s an impressive college, it’s inspiring for the town too, It helps to ensure going to College and getting the skills you need is held in high regard. Good jobs come from highly skilled people and having a state-of-the-art college will help deliver that. It is really important we have 21st-century facilities for 21st-century delivery, you can’t deliver the skills employers need unless you have the kit that employers use.”

Matthew Hancock, Skills Minister


The new Campus is a future-proofed, cohesive learning environment and community resource of the highest quality, serving both the College and the people of Beverley. Education is central to positive cultural, social, environmental and economic benefits to the community, but the new Campus goes even further than educating just one sector of the community. Retail frontages have been created – an interactive boundary between College space and public space where students can interact with the community and enhance skills which are vital to ensuring employment post-education. The new building stands for high quality education close to the population of Beverley that is highly visible and accessible to all.

“We are delighted that our new Beverley campus has been shortlisted. The design is stunning and fully sympathetic to its location facing the historic Beverley Minster. The College can now truly claim to be at the heart of its community.”

John Doris, Vice Principal, Finance and Resources, East Riding College

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