Roxane Water Industrial Facility

Written by Joe Dickeson Regional Director and Board Director

As part of our continued work at Luton Butterfield Business Park, Jefferson Sheard Architects have been appointed to provide full architectural services for a new Industrial building comprising a total of 139,680 sqft B2 floorspace on a site located in the south-western corner of the Business Park.

The occupier of the proposed building is Roxane UK who specialise in the bottling and distribution of high-quality water. The building comprises a production facility, warehouse and office accommodation accompanied by external car parking, service yard and landscaping. JSA and the design team have worked closely with Roxane in the preparation of the building design to ensure that their operational requirements are met.


  • Office & Industrial Workplace


Roxane UK

139,680 sqft



The building and the site layout has been arranged with consideration to the neighbouring context to the west. The building has been set back as far as possible into the site by providing a substantial vegetated buffer between the building edge and the site boundary. The L shape building footprint has been designed to internalise factors such as artificial light and noise from operations within the service yard areas with the building itself providing a visual and sound attenuating buffer.

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