A UK Roll Out Programme for the redesign and re-branding of HSBC Banking.

HSBC Retail:
We understand that well planned environments can improve sales, communications and a retailer’s performance and this has been a key factor in our effective space planning measures. We presented banking as a retail activity by creating modern and customer friendly interactive spaces.

HSBC Business Banking:
We delivered a model for Business Banking Centres focused on the ‘Business Customer’. Jefferson Sheard had to differentiate the Business Centres from the Retail Branches whilst maintaining the DNA of the HSBC brand. The result was an improvement of the quality of the interior environment and customer experience.

HSBC Premier Banking:
This involved progressing the innovative Retail Roll out programme and applying a similar process to the ‘Premier’ concept and branding. We developed the concepts into working operational branches and developed space planning layouts and construction drawings

HSBC Staff Room and Offices:
We created a new concept for the staff areas by identify and formulating a unique division of staff areas, recognising a distinct change from work and break time. This was helped by relaxing the front of house brand colours developing a different theme and colour scheme for the staff areas.


  • Retail
  • Office & Industrial Workplace





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