Branston Road, Uppingham

We were commissioned to undertake full architectural services on three schemes at Branston Road, Uppingham to develop 38 new homes for our long-standing client, Longhurst Homes.

The concept of the scheme was to create a development of simple and contemporary homes that would also suit the aesthetics of the local surrounding.The underlying construction comprises a modern timber frame structure whilst utilising a palette of materials and detailing that are of a high standard and in keeping with the local vernacular.

In keeping with the client’s aspirations to provide sustainable eco-friendly housing, all of the dwellings are designed with a ‘fabric-first’ approach. The external envelope is formed with a cavity construction of the above facing materials and a high performance inner leaf affording low u-vales and low air-leakage rate.


  • Housing


Longhurst Group


Uppingham, East Midlands

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