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A flagship development in the Remaking Barnsley Strategic Development Framework – the town’s 30 year masterplan – the new station needed to improve connection between public transport facilities and create an engaging passenger environment, complete with cafes and retail areas. Our client, the South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive, wanted a dramatic design statement to project a brighter, bolder image of the town.

The objective of the SYPTE was to consolidate its previously rather disparate facilities into one single integrated interchange. The new interchange would reduce congestion and air pollution by means of more efficient circulation; increase personal safety and security; increase customer comfort levels and project a modern and attractive image for the public transport network.


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South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive


Barnsley, UK


A vibrant street frontage of curved, organic shapes was the primary concept. Bright retail ‘pods’ filter pedestrian flow and connects the internal street of the interchange with the bus zone and existing urban fabric. Creating a warm, safe and attractive environment was important and so we wanted to flood the space with natural light. An ETFE roof was incorporated into the design so that the glazed street would be protected from the elements but would enable a feeling of lofty open space with uplifting lighting. Advanced 3D modelling helped us to develop the building concept into a rational engineered design.

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“This project certainly has the wow factor. Its contemporary appearance is inspiring and refreshing. The interior of the interchange is equally impressive with a spacious, friendly and open environment. By maximising the use of recycled materials and taking advantage of using daylight and natural ventilation, the project’s environmental credentials are to be applauded.”

Les Goddard, Judge ICE Awards


Built on an existing Brownfield site, the build was designed to be environmentally conscious through the use of locally sourced natural sandstone, recyclable copper and glu-laminated timber from sustainable forests. In addition to the Interchange building, the contract included the relocation of two existing operations into new buildings (a bookmaker and an engineering office); a temporary bus station on the “other” side of the railway and the construction of a new road. These other works enabled the Interchange to be constructed on a vacated site with only limited demolition required of the existing shop units on the Midland Street boundary.

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“…a spectacular and innovative structure. Already it is being recognised as a world class building and is being considered for national and international architectural awards. I hope that it will encourage even more people to use public transport.”

Roy Wicks, former Director General of SYPTE


Bright and inviting, the design marks a real departure from the colourless, characterless architecture it replaces. The new bridge, a covered extension to the interchange building itself, gives a seamless transition between rail and road transport. Sustainability has been maximised through the use of sustainable source and recyclable materials, and design features that use natural daylight and ventilation. The solid areas of the roofing use sheet copper, easy to shape to the complex layout of the building and attractive when seen from above in part of the new town centre development.

“It is a brilliant piece of architecture, planning and construction using recyclable materials and already, nearly a year after it has opened, it has succeeded in attracting lots more people to use the interchange and in turn buses and trains.”

David Brown, former Director General of SYPTE

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