Acres Green Close, Walderslade

Written by David Legg Regional Director, Peterborough

This desirable but affordable residential development for West Kent Housing Association provides 20 new homes, a mix of 2, 3- and 4-bedroom accommodation over 2-3 stories.

The site comprises of a mixed tenure of units, including shared ownership and outright sale, detached and semi-detached houses. Jefferson Sheard Architects delivered this project from stage 4, through all technical aspects of the development up to handover and close out.

““This project builds on our extensive residential experience and our relationship with PDR Construction. We relish schemes like this – they give us the opportunity to work with Housing Associations to improve communities and the built environment by delivering affordable houses people WANT to live in.”

David Legg, Regional Director


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West Kent Housing Association / PDR Construction

Walderslade, Kent


As with all residential schemes of this nature, it is imperative to create the highest standard of finish whilst remaining in budget, to create an aspirational house at an affordable price. We do this through strategic material choices and specifications and working closely with the other delivery partners to avoid errors in the construction stages. Our attention to detail to ensures the original vision is not compromised and the best quality product is delivered with the end user in mind.

It was essential that the houses possess their own character and sense of place whilst referencing the local vernacular. The scheme we’ve delivered makes very efficient use of a brownfield site and simple design elements such as the steep roof pitches and mixture of render and facing brick finishes result in a perfectly proportioned scheme that feels pleasingly different from other residential developments in the locality.

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A new access road was created by the demolition of an existing bungalow through to the site flanked by a secondary school and existing housing. The scheme was developed to ensure the existing woodland border could be retained to provide privacy to the new occupants and add to the semi-rural aesthetic to the development.

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The layout of the units is based around small clusters of houses to create several courtyards. This provides a safe community feel to the properties whilst also helping traffic calming and providing an aesthetic link to the existing farmsteads of the local area.

The internal layout of the houses lends themselves to modern family living; this combined with the high standard of finish ensures these are sustainable houses people will enjoy living in for generations to come.

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