40-41 Newington Green

Written by Joe Dickeson Board Director

Jefferson Sheard was appointed upon this exciting project to convert a former Victorian bank into 9 private residential homes in the prominent location of Newington Green.

The striking and elaborately detailed bank building, which is locally listed, had been extended in the 1990’s via an unsympathetic annex extension. The brief, therefore, also required the upgrading of the external fabric which would enhance the appearance of this part of the building, in turn preserving the setting of the more ornate former bank building and the designated conservation area in which it resides.


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Tariro House Ltd


Newington Green, London


The internal modifications to the existing building layout minimise substantial structural alterations to the building fabric whilst ensuring uncompromised internal flat layouts, offering significant cost savings to the refurbishment works. The external upgrades to the building envelope required a sympathetic approach so not to compete or detract from the beautifully detailed bank building. We’ve proposed a high quality, textured brick, incorporating detailing within the facades and echoing the articulation of the historic building.

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The build involves the re-cladding of the annex using high quality, textured brick and incorporating simple, un-ornamented detailing which does not seek to compete with its neighbour but yet reflects the scale and proportion of the historic building's composition.

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