24 January 2020

Durham Bus Station Design Public Consultation

Posted by Peter Matthews Associate Director

Through public consultation sessions, passengers have been given the opportunity to review and comment on our proposed design for the new bus station in Durham City Centre.

Working closely with our client Durham County Council, the design seeks to address a number of fundamental drivers. Firstly, the new layout of the site creates a safer circulation space for the buses, vastly reducing the risk of collisions. The main building has also been designed to increase passenger safety. Linear glazing throughout the station floods light into the main concourse space and also increases visibility through the building. Mezzanine level office accommodation improves natural surveillance of the passenger boarding and circulation areas for bus station management and security staff.

The design has also incorporated a number of innovations, including; a stunning array of muti-coloured photo-voltaic cells set above the concourse. These not only provide solar shading but also use the light from the sun to produce electricity. They create a practical and beautiful design detail, echoing the stained glass windows of nearby historic buildings, creating a visual link drawing on the colours used in Durham Cathedral. To further add to the building’s environmental credentials, a “green” roof is proposed, made up of local plant species. This will temper water run-off and provide habitats for local wildlife.

The ultimate goal, is to create a safer, user friendly, energy efficient bus station which relates to it’s surroundings and presents an inspiring gateway to Durham City for its residents and visitors.

Take the VR tour here LINK

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